Help needed with non-functioning front window & door lock switches
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Thread: Help needed with non-functioning front window & door lock switches

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    Help needed with non-functioning front window & door lock switches

    I have a nagging problem with my 2011 Durango STX. The front power window switches, door lock switches and mirror adjustment switches became intermittent before they finally stopped working. The passenger side switches do not work either, however the rear window switches do work, and always have.

    I replaced the driver's door switches with new and no change. I then took it to my dealer who 'claims' to have fixed a shorted wire that passes through the door into the main body via the rubber bellows. They also billed me for a new switch. The front windows worked for about 5 months before they stopped working. Again, the rear windows work, but not the front, locks or mirrors. I was able to get the dealership to warranty their work, but now they're not working again. I'm into this repair $700 so far, and I'm timid about taking the car back to the dealer w/o some idea of the source of the problem.

    Can anyone out there can guide me to properly diagnosing the problem, I would be very grateful.

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    Tough call on this one. If you're not proficient in troubleshooting and tracing circuits then you're stuck with someone else doing the work for you and you're at their mercy.

    That being say the rear windows are working? Are you able to control them from the Master Windows switch on the drivers door? Or are you saying they can only be controlled from the individual switches on the rear doors?
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