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Thread: Acceleration Hesitation Cause

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfire72 View Post
    Thanks for reminding me about this thread, I needed to do an update here anyway!

    I'm not really sure what was going on with it. I had mine in several times for another issue, so I brought up the hesitation problem for them to diagnose as well. They thought it would be fixed with some of the things they were doing to it, but in the end it still did it. This is my 2nd current gen Durango, and the 1st albeit a V6 didn't do it. I am now on my 2nd current gen Charger as well, again 1st was a V6. My Charger has never done it, maybe it's a 5.7L thing, as I've got a 6.4L in it, who knows.

    What did fix the issue for me, and call it crazy, but I installed a Pedal Commander a couple of months ago, and the problem is gone. I still had it with the Eco and Normal settings on the PC, but putting it into the Sport setting seems to have fixed it. I now have it in Sport 4, there are 4 -, and 4 + settings in each mode, just FYI if some of you aren't familiar with the PC. Anyway, it woke it up and it feels like a V8, and responds a lot like my Charger, making it more fun to drive. It's really a huge improvement to the spongy/slow response it had before. Best of all the hesitation seems to be fixed, or at least masked by the throttle response from the PC. Like I said call it crazy LOL!

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    Ok, I retract my statements.

    It still does it, I just don't notice it much now because I don't need to give it as much gas anymore. When putting the pedal down 3/4 or more it still does it. It still will give a surge of power, and in mine at least it's around the 50 MPH I notice it.

    The Pedal Commander does mask it a lot though. I've not raced it around as much lately I guess.

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    My 15 RT does the same thing. Originally I was wondering if the air intake sensor could be part of what's causing this lag. What's interesting is that it's much less noticeable or nearly gone when I run forced RWD on my Tazer with eco and traction control off. Anyone else use a tazer and agree? Maybe I'm nuts but I dont think so
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