Search the forum and couldn't find this topic. I have a 2018 DD GT V6.

Has anyone had any experience where their DD says the door is open but everything is actually closed? I'm talking about the driver side front door specifically. For about 3 days in a row, i would get in and close the door, but the truck would ding at me and when i look at the dash, the door open symbol for the driver door is on. The door is clearly closed. I had to open and close it several times with varying amounts of force and then it would just go off. Problem is when i get out of the truck and don't see the dash symbol, the truck thinks the door is open and will keep the interior lights on for a LONG time. Obviously this is annoying, so I did some research and found that the smarts that are built into the door handle for key fob and passive unlocking is also what tells the truck that the door is closed (from what limited info on the web says). So i removed the plastic trim plate next to the e-brake pedal and could see the wire bundle that exits the truck and goes through the rubber boot and then into the door. I also pulled the rubber boot back and looked at every wire for nicks, cuts, or breaks. Nothing. All were good, but in unwrapping all the wire bundles the door issue went away. I must of opened and closed the door 100 times. Not one false error after that. So i loosely put all the wires back, reinstalled the rubber boot and plastic trim and all is good now.

All that being said......I have now idea what i did to "fix" it, but I thought i would share if anyone else has the issue. The dealer wanted to replace the whole door handle assembly, but that just didn't make any sense because everything else works great and the truck is basically brand new. I think by unwrapping the tightly bunched wires i exposed some of the CAN-bus twisted pair cables that "talk" to the handle and allowed communication without differential interference to happen because the twisted wires have no shielding around them? Not sure.

Has anyone else seen this issue with the truck thinking that the doors are open?