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Thread: Rear A/C not blowing need help

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    Rear A/C not blowing need help-rear-blower-diagram-overall-1.jpgRear A/C not blowing need help-rear-blower-diagram-overall-2.jpg

    Here is what I could find for the 2014 rear blower electrical diagrams.

    In looking in my relatively expensive Factory Service Manual on DVD for my 2014 Durango, I could not find any text related to the rear HVAC unit. Once again, this manual is no where as good as the Chrysler factory manuals were just 10 years ago, let alone 20 or 30 years ago.

    One thing to note is apparently there is a "rear fan sense" signal. Do you have the ability to read the engine codes and see if the control module has reported internally that the rear fan is not working?
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    Thanks for the info, I do have a scanner an its currently not throwing any codes. I took it to the dealership today an they said it was the blower motor an possibly the ac module. They want 600 to repair. If I can figure out how to get the right rear trim quarter panel off im just going to replace myself.

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    Sorry to jump on an old post, but I'm having this same issue with my 2014 Durango. Were you able to get the panel off, and fix the problem? Thank you!

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    To update this for anyone in the future. I took all the panels off to get to the rear ac blower and the connector was burnt. I knew the ac motor was prob bad at this point but didn't have replacement yet. So I fixed the connector which lasted about 2-3 months before the ac motor just went completely out. Replaced the ac motor and have been good ever since. Takes a little time to take all the panels off to get to the motor but if you find a tutorial online and go slow it's not bad at all. Good luck.

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