Brake issue
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Thread: Brake issue

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    Brake issue

    I have a 2000 Durango and have not had a problem with the brakes until recently. The brakes lock up just barely pushing the brake pedal, and it's actually getting scary to drive it now. The fluid in the reservoir is between the "Full" and "Add" lines so I know it's got fluid. I have/had intermittent ABS/Brake lights come on. Sometimes the dash is clear, other times it's the ABS light and rarely it's the ABS and Brake light. We have had a LOT of rain here in Kansas recently, and at first I thought it was just moisture on the rotors sitting overnight. However, I always do a "hard stop" in the mornings to clear the moisture, but the brakes still lock up after driving for 10+ minutes. It's getting to the point of letting off of the gas to idle stop, or riding the brakes before my turn. Either way, I can't hit the brakes in an unexpected event without coming to a screeching stop (someone cuts me off, kid runs out in the road, etc.)

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    Just guessing:

    If all four wheels are grabbing, the only thing I can think of is a problem with the booster..

    If only some wheels are grabbing, it might be a stuck parking brake cable or a flexible hose that has disintegrated inside.
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