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Thread: Anyone using Adam's detailing stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by durango_RT View Post
    I don't mean to sound snobbish, I grew up using Megs. I have boxes of the stuff in my garage. Meguiar's uses to be different, they seem to be geared towards marketing items that don't make since.... IE: sprayable Hybrid Ceramic Wax (what is that? spray on a wet car then spray it off with hose then dry it and boom your car is ceramic coated.) (not that Adams didn't just come out with sprayable ceramic wax, you don't seem me running out to buy it. But if it were the real thing it would cost four times as much as the actual ceramic wax because there is 4 times as much fluid in the bottle its not the same stuff so they shouldn't market it as the same thing)

    A few of my opinions about products:
    - Meguair's and Chemical Guys car soaps smell nice, that's about all they do I personally think they do more harm than good.
    - Chemical guys Silk Shine Tire shine is actually a great product, it looks wetter than most tire shines on the market (Adam's included) and last longer, never seen it sling anything on the paint or anything quality product for cheap. Tire Armour from Adams is better but
    in a different category) Meguair's has some okay tire shine very oily and slings the others are in aerosol form which is the WORST IDEA EVER.
    - The ultimate line is a consumer line if that, compound has some ice cut, polish is alright, ultimate wax seals as good as a screen door on a submarine. Jet seal from Chemical guys isn't bad. I'm on to ceramics now.
    - waterless washes from the three companies all work pretty well, Chemical guys seems to leave the surface more oily in my opinion but still good.
    - spray detailer's, Adams, Adams, Adams hands down never been more impressed with a product its my favorite detail product.
    - towels goes to Adams as well as the amount of different ones they have, that being said, I use Meguair's drying towels regularly, and chemical guys 2 faced towels.
    - I actually really like Meguiar's perfect clarity glass kit, they include a very abrasive compound that works well on water spots, the sealer is okay, Adams is a better sealer and easier to use.
    - glass cleaners, Adams again, Meguiar's used to be really good for me, then I tried Adam's I look no further.
    - Never tried Meguiar's leather conditioner, (gold class i believe) I bought chemical guys and Adams, Adams last a little longer, if you like the heavy leather smell chemical guys
    - Adams interior detailer is all you'll ever need, Megs and Chemical guys works also as well, I am not in extreme enough heat or sun to notice is "UV protection" my cars are garaged and I don't have them long enough to notice fading lol
    - Meguair's actually does a good job with the carnuaba's, people forget carnuaba's are for shine, not for longevity. Best thing to do is put a sealent down, then use a PURE carnuaba (I think gold class is pure) over the top every 6 months. (I cant stress the pure part enough, most carnuabas have a cleaner in them and it will strip the sealer)
    - Chemical guys makes a line of compounds and polishes V32-V38 those work, I wouldn't use V32 on anything but hand, I think they put sand in it lol, Meguair's are dusty they work, just dusty. Adams work well a little low on options but that's probably because they work (which leads me into my last point)

    Go look at Adams, Chemical guys and Meguiar's website, how many products do you see that do the same thing on each of the sites?
    I don't even think Chemical guys know what the chemical does before they make it, they have 30 things to clean the tires 40 different car soaps (exaggerations) and Meguiar's has a 3 different lines at consumer level that do the same also. (both geared towards marketing different people to entice them to buy)
    Adams has one product for each thing because it works. They don't have dissatisfied customers so no need to create new lines.

    Hopefully that all makes sense.
    No worries man, I actually enjoyed your response.
    The Interior leather cleaner by Adam's is awesome. I used it today. I also used Detail spray Cars and Coffee again and man I love that product. It works perfectly. It leave a beautiful shiny slick finish. Everything so far I've used from Adam's is top notch and smells great. Such a pleasure to use. I'm gonna make a massive order once I run through all my Meguires and Mothers products I have. Might as well use them up first.
    Enjoying life as we know it.

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    Because of this thread Ive $1500 on adams products since December and dont regret it. The products they have are amazing and make washing my ride enjoyable. Thanks for the headsup everyone.

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