2008 Aspen lost power
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Thread: 2008 Aspen lost power

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    Angry 2008 Aspen lost power

    Hey all got a quick question im in a jam this is my only vehicle for my family it has 5.7 by the way it was driving fine i pulled in a parking lot today and it lost power felt like it died saw the dreaded lightning bolt got it to a safe place looked it over unhooked battery for a while did nothing had someone get my otc Genesis computer and getting all kinds of throttle sensor 1 and 2 and throttle pedal low voltages crankshaft position sensor low voltage looked at charging in datastream its good batt good after trying push pedal down and release and turn key off and restart did nothing finally got them cleared with computer after few times of that it it ran normal seemed to rev high in park way more than normal when hit the gas but tried to get it home was doing great no light anything soon as got off the interstate it happened again as soon as i made a sharp turn like i did earlier now i can clear the actives thou i dont want to throw parts at it im pretty good with working on stuff being a ex tech for 7 yrs but im stumped why its only doing this when you make a hard turn this is 3rd time 1st restarted and went on fine 2nd was a 3 hr ordeal and 3rd no luck getting it going everytime has done it while turning hard it will start but it cranks for a while then starts idles fine just does nothing when hitting the accelerator any help greatly appreciated

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    My buddies duramax did this, and when he hooked it up to one of those fancy diagnostic computers one of the throttle sensors was dead which caused a limp mode kick on. He had to replace his gas pedal and that fixed it

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