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Vibration and suspension

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by , 03-04-2019 at 06:13 PM (53 Views)
Quote Originally Posted by Vic2154 View Post
Vibration...Hello, I have a 2018 Durango srt with 6k miles, i Know the MDS switches from 4cyl to 8cyl but does it have to vibrate? I had a 2015 RT and I donít remember feeling the vibration I do now, I know on sport mode it doesnít do it, but its annoying pressing the SRT button every time I get in the car to activate sports mode. Has anyone gotten an upgrade from the dealership to stop the vibration or does anyone has any option for me or I just have to deal with this issue and drive it on sport mode.

Suspension ....I just wanted to know if by having the SRT the suspension is tighter or hard or both, I could hear every bump on the street when Iím on street mode. My wife has a Honda CR-V and the car feels great takes the pot holes like a champ for half the price, is this normal I never had a high performance car besides the RT I mention, i live in NY pot holes are everywhere my question for you guys, is this normal driving on street mode or any modes feeling the bumps, hearing the shocks or springs whatever they are, I just donít wanna spend a day at the dealership telling them I hear a noise everytime I hit I bump when everyone in a srt hears the same 😉. Thanks
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