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Robert Coleman

Rear Turn Signal Message - 2014 Durango

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by , 02-27-2019 at 04:47 PM (93 Views)
Along with fast clicking, I am getting a message that the left rear turn signal on my 2014 Dodge Durango Citadel is faulty. However, the fast clicking is intermittent and has healed itself and reoccurred more than once. I tested the operation of the turn signals and brake lights, and they are functioning properly.

Thinking that I should check for a faulty bulb, I removed the left rear light assembly and everything in it is LED. I rechecked the function of the turn signal and brake lights and everything is normal.

Is this possibly early warning that something is amiss? If the LED is going bad, do I have to replace the entire assembly?

Thanks in advance for any advice>
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