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02 5.9 R/T D stumbles about 1-2 minutes after starting. Mode 6 codes???

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by , 01-24-2019 at 01:00 PM (116 Views)
Hi D friends, I have an issue that I can't solve and am hoping for some help. Two issues really.
First, my PCM went out on me last summer so I had my shop replace it and it has not run right ever since. Within a few days I started getting EVAP (large leak) codes so the shop replaced some vacuum hoses and they said all was clear.
Another few days later, same Evap code. This time the shop said the evap motor was bad and replaced that. Next about a week later i started getting a small leak evap code but have not taken back to the shop yet. That said, I decided to check the battery and found a weak cell so I replaced the battery and voila, the old D sprang back to life! I have to wonder if the reason why I got the NO BUS and had to replace the PCM was really because of a bad battery? Anyway, it is water under the bridge now.

So now the issue is whenever I start her up, she starts right away but within about 30 seconds to 2 minutes, she coughs and stumbles even if cold or warm. If I try and drive under load during this time the engine will sputter and pop but I can put it in neutral, rev it up and after a few good floor punches, she settles down and is fine after that.

After that, I decided to do a mini tuneup and removed and cleaned the TB, replaced the IAC, TPS, MAP, Plugs (iridium BTW), cap, rotor, ignition coil.

I do have some oil in the intake pan even though I replaced that a few years ago with a heavy aftermarket replacement so now I am stumped. I am considering replacing the Camshaft position sensor and the Crankshaft position sensor just because. I have replaced both high bank and low bank O2 sensors a few years back too.

I am not getting any strange codes except for the intermittant small leak evap code. That said, my OBD reader also scans Mode 6 and I see several failures in there but I can't find anywhere online how to decipher those codes. My understanding about Mode 6 is that they might indicate a part or system that is failing but not enough to throw an OBD code.

Long story short, does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to interpret the Mode ^ codes and more importantly, what I should be looking at next?


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    Oh and just in case any gurus out there want to have a look, I can email you the Mode 6 report. I don't know how to attach it here.
    The specific "fails" are