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Chris C

Remote Start and Recall notice

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by , 12-24-2018 at 08:56 AM (164 Views)
This is a 2 part thread and I would appreciate anyone's help and advice. While driving to work the check engine light on my '15 Limited came on after only driving a couple of blocks. The light is still on, but now when I press the remote start button on my key, the truck starts and runs for about 30 seconds and then shuts off. I get a message stating remote start was deactivated. Would disconnecting the battery solve this by "resetting" the computer or is it something a mechanic needs to do with a code reader? Has anyone else had this issue?
Part 2: I just received a post card from FCA about an urgent safety recall to reprogram powertrain control module- U65/NHTSA 18V-332. Is this recall related to the cruise control issue or is it something else? I looked on the NHTSA page and Googled the recall number but couldn't find anything.
Thanks all for your time and replies.
Merry Christmas/ Happy New Years to all....
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    bro had that on my 16 limited but changing the fob battery solves also if any more lights come on its the electronic harness located at bottom front bumper
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    Well thats what i did everyone is different
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