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I would imagine that the $1700 price you have hear about is one of two things. Either it is not the lifetime policy, or it is what the dealer SAYS they are charging when in reality they are schmoozing the numbers, and making the extra cost up elsewhere.

I did some research before buying with Clay, and he gave me the best quote by far. Like others, I got several of the little cards via snail mail urging me to call the Dodge Factory Warranty Center for my "special price." When I did, they wanted $3800 for what Clay wanted $2500 for. When I told the guy I could beat his quote by $1300, he told me to buy it because he could come anywhere near that.

Since we just cranked over a new year, the costs may have gone up a bit. That's why I made my purchase on 12/23/16.

Thanks Don. It seems like FCA set a base price based on models but made no difference on trims in a model. At least that is what Clay informed me. That is what makes me feel unfair. Although my SXT has much fewer features (no AWD/Hemi/sunroof that are prone to fail) than an RT, the cost is the same. In other words, higher-trim owners get better deals on extended warranty.