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Thread: Tire pressure sensor light

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    When I got a set of TPMS for my winter wheel/tire package last month on the my '14 Limited, I bought these and so far I have not have an issue.

    This is about the less expensive price I could find on these 433MHz Schrader #20398 units - they cost about $85 for a set of four (4) shipped.


    My '14 Limited relearned these new sensors without any issues and without having to use the learning tool as I have to do with the wife's Buick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 14maxr/t View Post
    Yes it does flash when the car is started and then solid. Is there a box that controls the sensors? Thanks
    You're going to need to pull the TPMS fault code(s) with a scanner.. I don't know if a generic OBD scanner can pull codes from the TPMS system..
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