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Thread: Anyone purchase Maximum Care (MOPAR Vehicle Protection) for new vehicles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ROCKY R/T View Post
    I am in the business and have been for 15 years so I am well up to date on this industry.

    Second off a quick search of the internet will also show how dissatisfied consumers are of both non manufactured backed and manufactured back extended service contracts. Research also shows that FCA USA LLC, Chrysler group service contracts LLC has over 778 complaints just with the BBB and many more hundreds through various other sources. GMPP which is GM's extended warranty was sold to ALLY after the bailout and currently is sitting at 1397 complaints with again many more hundreds through other resources. So it is not all peaches and cream with manufactured back as well.

    Your 11 year old article, while having valid information, seems to imply all 3rd parties are bad and go bankrupt. Reputable companies are going to be reinsured for this reason and no they are not all bad which is why the companies I represent have been around for almost 30 years.

    Lastly, I have worked at a Dodge,Chrysler,Jeep dealer for 7 years before I got into the business I am in now and personally have never and probably will never buy an extended warranty/service contract on a vehicle...unless it is a German company such as BMW or Mercedes however I would never own one of those vehicles either.

    I am not arguing with you fltru103 because a manufacturer backed policy is a great policy and is a great choice, the problem I have with them is they, meaning the selling party, usually rape people on costs and therefore becomes not worth the my opinion.

    To each their own and I know some will disagree with my perception or may want to comment back but this is my feeling for any who wants an "opinion" on this subject. These policies are negotiable and unless the vehicle is a real known problem child, you should be in teens $1100-$1999 for costs. Also, if your vehicle is new do not waste your money buying it now you CAN buy it later. If someone selling a policy says other wise it is a lie.

    Have a great day all!
    Agree with all this. I feel like I'm seeing some misinformation being perpetuated by the belief that OEM is best. I have a friend who's been educating me in-depth on this, and talked me out of buying the extended warranty offered with my recent purchase. Not to mention the fact that my dealer never offered me MaxCare in the 1st place and were pitching a 3rd party warranty. This dealership even offers a 'Free Powertrain Warranty for Life" on every new vehicle they sell.

    It is true that OEMs are generally more protected from losses on many levels, whereas independent administrators can be tricky – some truly are solid, and some maybe not as much, but the industry is highly regulated today, unlike a few years ago.

    The real issue for consumers in the independent market is the dealerships as much as the Administrators. Most service contracts/extended warranties sold by franchise dealerships are solidly insured from loss whether they’re OEM or not (reference solid aftermarket companies like AFAS and Gulf States Financial Services widely used by dealerships here in the Houston area).

    The aftermarket warranty industry generally has a bad rap because of a few companies (namely US Fidelis) that completely trashed their customer’s trust and ran off with millions back a few years ago. Since that time, most states have severely cracked down on regulation, making that type of fraudulent behavior illegal and costly to the perpetrators. So, you might easily draw the conclusion that you’re better off with an OEM warranty program.
    Here’s the rub though – you pay for that whether you realize it or not. First, the dealership always marks up the warranty (not by a little amount, typically more than double its actual cost to them). The cost they pay is also already packed with a commission paid to a sales agent who maintains the relationship between the administrator and the dealership (average of $200 regardless of OEM or not). Dealers are going to sell you what makes them more money…period…not what protects you the most. That’s not picking on them, but they don’t operate as a charity.
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    In response to ROCKY R/T and 17blcktp.
    The one thing you failed to mention about those third party contract companies ( they are contracts, not warranty's ) is the fact that while some have gone bankrupt, not a single major manufacturer backed contract company has left any customer holding the bag.
    Tens of thousands of people paid for contracts that are worthless pieces of paper.
    Are there good ones ? I am sure, but to me, it's not worth the chance.
    Besides the fact, with a manufacturer backed contract, you can visit any branded dealer for those repairs and they will accept the contract. Not so with a third party contract. You may need to pay out of pocket first before any reimbursement. What good is a service contract sold in an east coast state when your traveling on the west coast and you need a transmission replaced ? ( I know, they have special arrangements with major transmission companies all over the country ) Then change that to a TCM/PCM module that only a dealer has. Your still paying out of pocket and waiting for a possible reimbursement.

    Lastly, everybody is entitled to make a profit. Not disputing that.
    If you shop wisely, the price you pay for a Mopar contract is comparable to any of those dealer offered contracts.
    I have 3 FCA / Chrysler products, all with Mopar contracts purchased from other then the selling dealer.
    They were all cheaper then the contracts I was offered by the selling dealers too.

    My time spent in the dealer business was not in sales, but service. I knew all to well the problems associated with those ABC service contracts.
    I'll stick with ( in my case ) a Mopar contract.
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