The DOC is NOT a business venture

Posted by Herman (Herman) on February 20, 1999 at 02:09:43

In Reply to: Who owns the DOC, and in who's name is the account in that all procedes go to.... posted by Tony D (QuikD) on February 20, 1999 at 01:25:45

Oh sure, we collect dues and run the club in a businesslike manner to serve the Members, but it is not nor will it ever be a "for profit" business. I challenge anyone anywhere to price the manufacture of the items that Members receive and call the club a "for profit" or "business" venture.

The decision by the board that you refer to had to be made because of prudent fairness to all. This is NOT an advertising board. We have had inquiries (be glad to forward them if you like) from people with business interests that want to know why they have to pay for a corporate Membership to be able to advertise on the forum when you and others are allowed to do it as a $10 Basic Member. They had a point! Where do we draw the line? Is it not fair for Edelbrock (purely hypothetical) to pay $10 and be able to sell IAS shocks on the forum? This decision was not made by any Corporate Member OR Potential Corporate Member, but rather in response to inquiries that we had no alternative but to address. It was either our current position OR open the board up as a $10/year advertising board (and kiss our Corp Members goodbye).

I'm sorry that you don't agree with or understand our decision Tony, but this forum is first, last, and will always remain an informational resource for Durango Owners and Members of the DOC. We make these hard decisions out of the love of the flavor of our forum and sense of community we all have here.

The Treasurer's report is available to Members on the club site.

Herman, DOC Vice-President

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